Your product is unique and the most important solution in the world for your customer. With our flexibility and 5 decades of manufacturing experience you can rest assured we will best support your exacting requirements.
Whether you need high layer count PCB assembly, Ball Grid Array (BGA) mounting, complete device build, functional test implementation, high mix/low volume, or supply chain management from soup to nuts, Megatone delivers industrial grade assembly for durability and reliability.

With high precision and world class quality, we manufacture the industrial devices, systems and subsystems you need to deliver superior products to your customers.


Point of Sale (POS) System Board

  • POS PCBA designed for critical retail environment 
  • Perform programming and functional testing to assure reliability and system integration
  • These specialized boards are built to IPC 610 Class 3 standards for durability and a long lasting in-the-field life
  • Megatone manages complete supply chain process saving customer more than 30% in duty and custom fees on specialized modules


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