Reduce Your Total Operating Costs. Improve quality and reliability. Minimize start-up time.

Industrial devices are critical for success in today’s world. We make the manufacturing process easier for you — with added value every step of the way.

Megatone provides cross-industry expertise, vertical integration capabilities, and expert services to deliver the innovative, high-quality industrial products you have developed that your customers need.

Technology is changing the way we interact with everything around us — all the equipment, vehicles, machines, and products we rely on. From semiconductor technology, industrial automation, and robotics to energy, transportation controls, or self-service retail kiosks, there’s no shortage of opportunities to make those interactions more efficient. And in this new landscape, you need an industrial product manufacturing partner who understands your company’s unique needs.

Collaborating with Megatone means having a strong partner with decades of experience delivering industrial technology solutions. Whether upgrading existing equipment or developing a new innovative product, we have the tools and processes to keep you ahead of the game.

Every customer and product is unique. That’s why we give you the flexibility to use our services to support your business model. We can work independently or hand-in-hand with your team on a complete product or specific components. We address common technology challenges such as optimizing product packaging, adding connectivity, or developing tests to ensure product quality.

When repeatability and precision are paramount, we will develop custom automation cells for system assembly. We can also optimize for flexible production, such as system builds of configurable products on a build-to-order basis.

Accelerate to production quickly with our optimized manufacturing. Our expert supply chain and logistics management will lower the risk of interruption or delays. And take advantage of our flexible manufacturing operations to launch your products.

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