PCBA Warranty SOP


This SOP aims to ensure effective warranty services for PCBA products during the warranty period to meet customer expectations and requirements.

This SOP applies to the company’s PCBA product warranty services.


  • PCBA: Printed Circuit Board Assembly, referring to the assembled printed circuit boards.
  • Warranty Period: The duration of warranty coverage for PCBA products, typically within a certain time frame after product delivery.
  • Warranty Service: The provision of free repair or replacement services to customers during the warranty period.


a.Warranty Period Confirmation:

  • Confirm the warranty period of PCBA products based on customer orders or contracts.

b.Warranty Claim Registration:

  • Receive warranty claim requests from customers.
  • Register customer information, product details, and warranty period.

c.Product Inspection:

  • Inspect received PCBA products to determine if they meet warranty requirements.
  • Perform fault analysis if possible to identify issues within the warranty scope.

d.Warranty Service Processing:

  • Provide repair or replacement services according to warranty terms for eligible products.
  • Consult with customers if necessary to agree on repair or replacement arrangements to ensure customer satisfaction.

e.Recordkeeping and Tracking:

  • Document the process and outcome of warranty claims processing.
  • Track the warranty status of products for future quality improvement and analysis.

f.Customer Feedback:

  • Collect feedback from customers regarding warranty services for continuous improvement.


  • The warranty service team is responsible for executing various processes outlined in this SOP.
  • The quality department oversees the execution of warranty services and provides quality improvement suggestions.

Document Management:

  • Ensure version control of this SOP and share the latest version with relevant personnel.
  • Archive all records of warranty claims and related documents.


  • Provide training on the warranty service process to relevant staff to ensure understanding and compliance with this SOP.

Review and Improvement:

  • Regularly review the implementation of this SOP and revise and improve it as needed.