In the electronics manufacturing industry, we often refer to a “Professional Electronic Contract Manufacturer” as EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) or CM (Contract Manufacturer). These factories are capable of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) production for assembling printed circuit boards and, in some cases, complete assembly and functional testing of electronic devices. While finding a contract manufacturer is relatively simple, finding one that aligns well with your company can be a challenging task.

Evaluating and assessing the capabilities of an SMT or complete assembly contract manufacturer, or determining if a supplier is suitable for your needs, is a complex task. One approach to this evaluation is through the TQRDCE framework, which stands for Technology, Quality, Responsiveness, Delivery, Cost, and Environmental aspects.

Let’s break down what TQRDCE means:

T: Technology
Evaluate the manufacturing factory’s technological capabilities and whether they meet your product production requirements.
Assess their process capabilities, such as the ability to handle components as small as 0201 or even 01005.Check for any advanced processes, automation equipment, or innovative capabilities.Assess the ability to introduce new processes to the market.

Q: Quality
Evaluate their quality control capabilities, including their quality management system.Assess their responsiveness to customer inquiries and their ability to handle customer complaints effectively.

R: Responsiveness
Evaluate the promptness and accuracy of the manufacturer’s responses to customer inquiries.Assess their ability to handle and respond to customer complaints effectively.

D: Delivery
Evaluate the product delivery timeline, including production schedules and the stability of delivery timelines.

C: Cost
Assess the competitiveness and reasonability of the pricing.

E: Environmental
Assess the manufacturer’s commitment to environmental considerations, including efforts to minimize environmental impact.

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